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Whether you’ve just launched your non-profit or have been at it for a while, have a deficit, or just can’t seem to cross the $25,000 mark, your challenge has been something you never knew.

The success of your non-profit has little to do with your passion for the cause. And it has little to do with how successful you've been in life with other projects.

What really matters is whether or not you understand the “business” of running a non-profit organization. Until you learn how to build and properly manage this type of organization, no matter how good you are at promoting your cause, you’re going to struggle. You’re going to work way too many hours, funding will be scarce, and you may not see measurable forward progress for a while. If not done right, chances are you’re going to be disappointed with your decision to start on this journey in the first place.

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LEVEL 2: DONATIONS / NET REVENUE = $25,000 - $50,000



Your donations or your net revenue have reached $25,000. You’re obviously doing some things right, so congratulations on your success so far.

Now the challenge you’re likely to face is turning your hard work and good intentions, which are starting to get funding, into an established charitable organization that will continue to get public support for years to come. 

Right now, your non-profit is likely heavily dependent on you. That means that if you needed some personal time or went on vacation, your operations would grind to a halt until you got back, and every day you were absent, you lost some of the momenta you gained.

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LEVEL 3: DONATIONS / NET REVENUE = $50,000 - $250,000



When you’re raising or netting over $50,000, you’ve already identified and overcome many obstacles that most of your fellow smaller non-profits haven't figured out yet. It’s time to keep up the good work and aim to become a $250,000 organization. 

The bad news is that what got you this far won’t get you through to the next level by itself. You’re going to face a whole new set of challenges and responsibilities, and you’re going to encounter problems that you never anticipated.

The good news is that despite what you may be thinking, you absolutely can reach and surpass $250,000 in donations or net operating revenue.

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LEVEL 4: DONATIONS / NET REVENUE = $250,000 - $500,000



When you cross the $250,000 goal and begin to scale your non-profit towards a $500,000 organization, your income and operations are more stable, your growth has started to take off, and you are getting known in your community. The organization is likely to be experiencing rapid growth, but with that comes a new set of challenges.

How do you keep the momentum that has led to the success you have and to the organization you’ve worked so hard to build? How do you prevent a stall in the company’s growth? You may even be saying to yourself, “I can’t imagine doing any more than what I'm already doing now.

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At the $500,000+ level, the organization is now a significant voice in the community and has a reputation to uphold. At this stage, it’s essential to keep improving the organization's governance structures, maintaining donor trust, and ensuring the organization remains relevant and impactful.

You get to this level of growth and beyond using all the talents and resources that have been implemented up to this point as well as by increasing outreach, bringing other exceptional talents to the team, expanding the size of the organization, investing in software, streamlining processes, and so on. Among other important things, charitable organizations must have strong financial controls and guidance at this stage.

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