LEVEL 2: DONATIONS / NET REVENUE = $25,000 - $50,000



Your donations or your net revenue have reached $25,000. You’re obviously doing some things right, so congratulations on your success so far.

Now the challenge you’re likely to face is turning your hard work and good intentions, which are starting to get funding, into an established charitable organization that will continue to get public support for years to come. 

Right now, your non-profit is likely heavily dependent on you. That means that if you needed some personal time or went on vacation, your operations would grind to a halt until you got back, and every day you were absent, you lost some of the momenta you gained.

Growing your idea into an organized non-profit organization requires a plan that has to allow you to fulfill your mission while working reasonable hours. It has to allow you the flexibility to spend time with your family and friends, so you have a life balance. Before the organization grows anymore, it needs a structure that gives you the opportunity to take time off without worrying about what’s not getting done. Ultimately, this organizational design will allow you to raise more money to grow and have a lot more fun doing it.


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