LEVEL 4: DONATIONS / NET REVENUE = $250,000 - $500,000



When you cross the $250,000 goal and begin to scale your non-profit towards a $500,000 organization, your income and operations are more stable, your growth has started to take off, and you are getting known in your community. The organization is likely to be experiencing rapid growth, but with that comes a new set of challenges.

How do you keep the momentum that has led to the success you have and to the organization you’ve worked so hard to build? How do you prevent a stall in the company’s growth? You may even be saying to yourself, “I can’t imagine doing any more than what I'm already doing now.

At this stage, the organization needs to consider streamlining operations and recruiting senior staff to manage growth. It’s time we help you bring in, hire, train, and manage your organization’s first Director of Operations.

Bringing in a Director of Operations will give you lots of freedom - the freedom to do more of the things you want to do and move on to bigger goals. 

Be prepared to let your organization’s potential overcome any fear you may have of growth. The freedom you’re about to experience from having a professionally managed operation will transform your organization and your life.



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