At the $500,000+ level, the organization is now a significant voice in the community and has a reputation to uphold. At this stage, it’s essential to keep improving the organization's governance structures, maintaining donor trust, and ensuring the organization remains relevant and impactful.

You get to this level of growth and beyond using all the talents and resources that have been implemented up to this point as well as by increasing outreach, bringing other exceptional talents to the team, expanding the size of the organization, investing in software, streamlining processes, and so on. Among other important things, charitable organizations must have strong financial controls and guidance at this stage.

It’s time we help you bring in, hire, train, and manage your organization’s first Controller. Your goal at this point of getting to $1MM+ won’t happen overnight, and it won’t happen with just a bookkeeper or accountant. You need experienced non-profit financial expertise. A Controller, assisted by our experienced fractional Chief Financial Officer (CFO), will leverage the resources needed to grow into a $1,000,000+ organization

By bringing in a Controller and letting Charitable Operations’ fractional CFO handle the management and development of this person, you’ll have a financial team that will help you plan for growth. Your Controller will learn and fully understand your business plan and where you are headed. Don’t worry that, at first, you might not know how to manage and communicate efficiently with your Controller. That’s where your Charitable Operations fractional CFO comes in to help you.



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